How Trump Is Putting America on a Road to Nowhere:

How Trump Is Putting America on a Road to Nowhere:

For years, America’s cars have been speeding towards a safer, healthier, cleaner future—but now, the Trump Administration is slamming on the brakes. The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation are now “reevaluating” clean cars standards that have been exhaustingly proven to be achievable, economically beneficial, and extremely effective.

If we allow these standards to be weakened or removed, we’re not just further forfeiting our leadership on climate—we are firmly placing America’s automotive industry behind the rest of the world.

Take action today and prove to the Trump Administration, the auto industry, and the world that Americans won’t stand idly by while our protections are stripped away.


  • Administrator E. Scott 'Scott' Pruitt


Do not weaken or remove our Clean Cars Standards

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