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Tell Congress: America Must Lead On Climate

President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement threatens our children’s health and future. Climate change is real, it’s happening now, and the nations of the world have joined together to take decisive global action. America’s withdrawal from this landmark agreement means that we will fall behind on climate action and clean energy. The effects could be catastrophic—for our world, our health, our economy, and especially for the future of American families.

If America wants to maintain its global leadership, we must lead on climate action. If not, we will see our air get dirtier, our children get sicker, and other nations zoom past us in the pursuit of clean, efficient energy. In the absence of presidential leadership on climate change, our Congressmen and -women must take action on their own, to move America toward a better future.

Tell your congressmen and -women that we need climate action now, for the sake of our children’s health and future.

We need you to lead on climate action.


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We need you to help lead on climate action

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