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In DDT Wars EDF co-founder Charlie Wurster shares his first-hand account of the fight to ban DDT as a pesticide, when a handful of scrappy scientists and lawyers took on some of the most powerful interests of their time — and won.

Along the way they revolutionized the environmental movement with a new strategy combining science and law. And they founded EDF, which for nearly 50 years has continued to innovate and win landmark environmental victories.

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Praise for DDT Wars

"Terrific book! It is invigorating to be reminded of the audacity of those who set out to change the world without money, legal precedent, or meaningful political support—and succeeded!"

Denis Hayes
Organizer of the first Earth Day in 1970 and co-author of COWED: The Hidden Impact of 93 Million Cows on America

"A gripping firsthand account of the start of environmental public interest law and the early struggles with the ubiquitous application of DDT. Wurster provides a vivid sense of what it took to be an environmental pioneer: giant steps that should never be taken for granted or forgotten."

Thomas E. Lovejoy
University Professor of Environmental Science and Public Policy, George Mason University

"DDT Wars reads like the stuff of fiction. But it's true. In the 1960s, a rag tag group of scientists and lawyers sue some of the nation's most powerful industries for violating environmental laws that don't yet exist. Yet, they won.

It is a story well worth remembering as seemingly insurmountable obstacles hinder our ability to address our greatest environmental challenge ever -- climate change."

Richard J. Lazarus
Howard J. & Katherine Aibel Professor of Law, Harvard Law School and Author of The Making of Environmental Law (2004)

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